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4 Reasons Never To Buy A Gift Box
Over the past years, we have seen a huge increase in the number of gift boxes available on the market. From wine to pets, from beauty to gardening. Everything you can think of now has a box available for you to get directly to your home. Here are 5 reasons why you should never buy such a gift box.

1. Gift boxes content is really cheap

If you have already ordered a gift box, you will have noticed that its content is really cheap. And when we say cheap, we mean of very low quality. The products in the box are very basic and of poor quality in order to keep the margins relatively high for the company. It is therefore really rare to find branded content in a gift box and most of the time, it is filled in with no-name products of unclear origins.

Why it is not the case for gleetzbox:

Unlike most of the other boxes available on the market, a gleetzbox comes with 5 officially licensed products of your favourite sports club. Let's say you choose the Arsenal gleetzbox, you are sure to receive 5 high quality licensed Arsenal products such as apparel, fan gear and other great surprises. 

Arsenal gleetzbox - Arsenal gift box

2. Gift boxes are subscription based

80% of the boxes on the market are based on a subscription model. It means that if you want to receive your boxes, you need to sign up and commit to pay a fee every month and continue receiving boxes over time. This is no longer something you can offer on a one-time basis since you would have to offer a subscription as a gift.

Why it is not the case for gleetzbox:

Unlike most of the other boxes available on the market, gleetzbox comes as a one-time payment. There is no subscription, no commitment. If you would like an FC Barcelona gleetzbox, you can order it and you will not be bound for several months and receive other products you didn't really want. That makes it much easier to get a gleetzbox as a gift for a fan you know (birthday gift, valentines present etc.)

Barcelona gleetzbox - Barcelona gift box

3. It's easier to buy gifts in shops

When you are shopping for gifts, you generally know what you are looking for, or what kind of product you are willing to offer. It is therefore just easier to go to a shop or to a marketplace and get the product you want to offer or get. Why would you purchase a box and risk not to please the recipient?

Why it is not the case for gleetzbox:

Shopping gifts for the other fans in our lives has proven to be a really terrible experience. Finding out the right team, browsing among thousands of different products, having to compromise between 2 items due to their high price... Not to mention that the customer service you usually find at such places is literally non-existent... Let's say you want to get a present for a Chelsea fan. With a Chelsea gleetzbox, you know that it will include everything to make a Chelsea fan the happiest person ever. No risk to be wrong!

Chelsea gleetzbox - Chelsea gift box

4. A gift box is more expensive

Most of the of the time, and as discussed earlier, boxes generally include cheaper products to cover their own costs. Hence it is cheaper to just shop the products individually instead of paying the extra price for someone curating the box for you. 

Why it is not the case for gleetzbox:

Let's say you want to order a Liverpool gleetzbox. Such a box generally comes with a Cap (15-20€), an embroidered towel (15-20€), a scarf (15€), a wallet (10-15€) and a Keyring (6€). In retail, you will easily pay something like 75-80€ if not more, depending on where you would get these items. Ordering a gleetzbox costs 49€ which makes it absolutely worth it in terms of budget as well.

Liverpool gleetzbox - Liverpool gift box


With gleetzbox, we want to change the gifting experience. We believe that shopping for a sports gift for the fans we love should be as fun and exciting as shopping for a sports item for ourselves. Our mission at gleetzbox is simple: to deliver the best gifting experience for all sports fans. 
Wait no longer and order the perfect gift for any sports fan you love! Check out the different teams we currently cover on gleetzbox.com

gleetzbox, the perfect gift all sports fans will love

  • Jan 15, 2018
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