At gleetzbox, we have always loved sports and always cheered for our favourite teams. And as true fans, we love to show who we cheer for. But shopping gifts for the other fans in our lives has proven to be a really terrible experience. Finding out the right team, browsing among thousands of different products, having to compromise between 2 items due to their high price... Not to mention that the customer service you usually find at such places is literally non-existent. Everything in order to remove any kind of fun or excitement while shopping for a sports gift.
With gleetzbox, we want to change this. We believe that shopping for a sports gift for the fans we love should be as fun and exciting as shopping for a sports item for ourselves. Our mission at gleetzbox is simple: to deliver the best gifting experience for all sports fans.
While you won’t know what exactly is in each box before you buy it, boxes typically include a few pieces of apparel and other themed items like keychains or mugs. Each box contains 5 official products randomly selected amongst several items.
Wait no longer and order the perfect gift for any sports fan you love!